Vertex is a freeform multiplayer combat game which takes inspiration in combat systems such as the Jedi Knight series, Die By The Sword, Bushido Blade, Enter The Matrix and much more, combining them into an exciting new all-out skill-based arena.
Although there is no denying that we are all fans and players of the STAR WARS Jedi Knight series and it's combat system: this game is not linked nor does it feature elements from the story or Universe of STAR WARS.
We are currently allowing people to test the current pre-alpha build freely. But the release game will be a purchasable title.
Although we would hope at some point to work on a Single Player, the game currently is focused around Multiplayer combat, and will feature a limited Player VS AI mode.
The game currently still being in pre-alpha, it is difficult to accuratly predict a proper release year at this time. The timeline may also change depending on the funding campaign results.
Although nothing is set in stone at this time, we are definitely considering Steam as our main distribution platform. We are also hoping to offer the game on other services such as Epic Store.
Modding is where we all started, and is part of what we believe helps player enjoy a game within a thriving community and helps extend it's lifespan a lot longer than it's designed timeline. For this reason we implemented modding early in the development and it's going to be extended even further in the future. Existing mods can be downloaded from mod.io.
Yes! You can donate through PayPal or subscribe to our Patreon page in order to help contibute to the game. If you rather have game mechanics skills and would like to help with the development of the game, then by all means: please contact us through our Discord server in order for us to establish a dialogue.
Absolutely! The pre-alpha version of the game is currently available for download on our web site. Simply head to the Download page and give it a try! Feel free to discuss about the game and share your feedback through our official Discord server. You can also find a list of Servers and Players you can join.
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